Industrial Audiometry

Tremetrics RA360 and RA660

  • The Tremetrics RA360 & RA660 Audiometers are designed for quick, accurate & reliable hearing screening.
  • The Tremetrics audiometers bring a new level of automation to a broad range of hearing screening programs.
  • Small occupational health departments, large mining OH centres as well as hospital/community health programs can now benefit from Tremetrics intelligent test protocol that tests in as little as three minutes.
  • The RA360 & RA660 meet the requirements as stipulated by SANS.
  • The RA660 audiometer is fully compatible with AMS Software, which is an integrated clinic software program that manages audiometry, vision, spirometry and Occupational Health testing.

RA660 Audiometer

Total Hearing Conservation in One Box

  • Fully integrated Bio-Acoustic Simulator (OSCAR)
  • Quickly tests up to eight people simultaneously (configurable from 1 to 8 audiometer system – enquire from Amtronix)
  • Optional Room monitor – real time OSHA and ANSI compliant octave band monitor
  • Patient Automated pre-test instructions
  • Patient error type communication to operator – The PC monitors progression of the test and automatically instructs subject as required
  • Connects to the AMS Program
  • Portable Cloud based model available (enquire from Amtronix)
    Audiocup and Insert options available (enquire from Amtronix)
Tremetrics RA360
Tremetrics RA660